Are you a musician who is interested in using the latest technologies in your own unique way? Are you an engineer who is interested in developing some innovative tools for learning, creation or consumption of music? Are you just a curious listener and is amazed by the possibilities of the sounds around us? Music technology is a confluence of all these disciplines. It is the study of how technology can aid in the process of music creation and/or better experience for music consumption.

We are a group of friends who have been through our different journeys, tied together by our love for music. Some of us are engineers, some music producers, others budding researchers; almost everyone is a musician, and we all are very enthusiastic about the advances of technology and its creative use in music domain. We met during our Masters studies (in Sound and Music Computing) in Barcelona. An explosion of learning ensued, after spending an year at the university, interacting with the faculty members, researchers and each other. During our time there, we realized the importance of being a part of an active community where we could let your ideas/knowledge freely bounce of others, learn from them, just discuss things we are all passionate about and of course, jam and listen to some music. All of us had many different ideas of what we wanted to do once we finish our Masters and one of the most frequently discussed ones was to somehow bring together all the people (specially in India) who are interested in learning and experimenting with music tech and all those who have been doing all this in isolation.

With this initiative, we aim to build a open, interdisciplinary, dynamic and vibrant community of musicians, developers, researchers, technologists, makers, artists, designers by –

  • Organising social events like meetups, hackdays, workshops etc
  • Online resources (newsletters, articles, tutorials, interviews and other educational resources)
  • Mentorship programmes
  • Outreach activities
  • Promoting local music scene, and related technological industries and initiatives
  • Collaborating with relevant stakeholders in the music-tech scene