We are very glad to announce the first-ever open music hack day in India. The event includes a Hackathon, Algorave concert, Q/A session with our guests & networking with the experts in the music tech space.

The event starts with an introduction about music technology and the hackathon, followed by presentations by our chosen mentors, who will help participants with their ideas and questions. Participants network with each other, brainstorm, form teams and register their teams. Let the hack begin! Come evening and it is time for the amazing live music coders aka. algoravers to take the stage for the awesome Algorave concert. Sign off for the day. Teams resume for the hack on Sunday and get ready for the presentation. Teams have had 24 hours since they started working. The presentation kicks off. Later there will be a Q/A session with the living legend in music technology research, none other than Dr. Xavier Serra. Meanwhile, the scores by the judges are being compiled and excitement is building for the winners of the hackathon.

Please visit the event website for more details and registrations.

Organized by Music Tech Community India in collab with Algorave India community.

Music tech enthusiasts and tech nerds, we looking forward to seeing you this coming December in Mumbai for making some amazing hacks, networking and some good moments together 🙂

Registrations open: https://musichackdayindia.github.io/

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